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His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi

Supreme Council Member, Ruler of Sharjah

Government of Sharjah
His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, member of the Federal Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah
On the 50th Anniversary of the UAE Union

We congratulate our leadership on the Year of the 50th. This year, we celebrate with our sons and daughters – the people of the UAE – a significant milestone in our nation-building journey. We observe an honourable and proud nation with countless achievements in its young history and one that prepares for 50 more years of greatness. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we must remember our Founding Fathers and pray for them. With their insightful vision, they laid down the building blocks that culminated in today’s modern state. They paved the path for this nation to achieve all the success that is credited to our name.
For the past 50 years, our determination has been exceptional, our spirits high and our will iron-strong. Our goals have been clear with a razor-sharp vision: to advance society at all levels. The sons and daughters of this nation have worked tirelessly towards this vision. With conviction, hard work, faith and honesty, they achieved this goal – resulting in a united homeland on all fronts and innovative in its approach.
Today, we celebrate what was once a dream floating on the horizon; we present our country to the world as a beacon of hope and a model of goodwill, humanity, progress, prosperity, tolerance and happiness.
Half a century has passed, and our country continues to march forward with confidence. It has achieved the highest quality of life indicators around the world and adopted an integrated cultural and social developmental approach that engages youth in various fields. Today, our country has high expectations of our youth.
Effort, hard work, education and knowledge – this is the national formula for success. It is reflected in the various milestones that the state has accomplished and the incredible legacy upon which our future generations will base their journey.
As our beloved country prepares to enter the latter half of a century, it holds the labour of love of its citizens and residents within it. It is ready to face future challenges with innovative solutions. It follows a clear vision. It lives a prosperous present.
Armed with solid core values and sound principles, our nation has succeeded in strengthening its national identity.
The national identity instils an individual’s love for their country and a sense of belonging to their heritage and culture. Through that, we will see the dawn of great generations, continued success and endless prosperity for our nation.